WorkSpaces Manager (WSM) for Amazon WorkSpaces, supercharges and simplifies a company’s investment in the Amazon WorkSpaces Platform. Created by Nuvens Consulting, a leading Amazon End User Computing partner, to compliment and automate the Amazon WorkSpaces Platform. 

WorkSpaces Manager is a comprehensive internal console to help you manage your WorkSpaces at scale. WSM will ensure your environment is more secure, provide you a deeper understanding of user behaviour and make sure your WorkSpace estate is always cost optimised.

WorkSpaces Manager4.0

WSM 4.0 Features


LOCATION – Quickly identify where in the world a WorkSpaces user is logging on from

WORKSPACE MONITORING – Understand what time a user logs on and logs off. Including how long a user is idle for.

PERFORMANCE MONITORING – Notification to take proactive action if a user is regularly hitting CPU or memory constraints. 

AUTO-REBOOT OF UNHEALTHY WORKSPACES – Automation of the reboot/move host management to keep WorkSpaces Healthy.

PASSWORD REMINDERS – Users will automatically be informed that their WorkSpaces password needs to be changed. 

API INTEGRATION – Integrate into your existing external applications (e.g. Service Now)therefore automating the business processes of managing your WorkSpaces desktop.

Cost Efficiency

PROACTIVE RIGHTSIZE – WSM monitors the users CPU, memory and usage of the WorkSpace to provide administrators the option of optimising their WorkSpace. This could mean upgrading a WorkSpace if it is being overworked, or downgrading if its tasks do not require a WorkSpace of that size. This process can also be automated without an administrators intervention. 

UNUSED WORKSPACES – Quickly find WorkSpaces that havent been used for a period of time. This process can be automated to either downgrade the WorkSpace to the lowest specification, or complete termination after a set period of time. 

ALWAYS OPTIMISED  – WSM will change the pricing plan based on the users hourly usage of that month to either AlwaysOn or Hourly. 

ORPHANED WORKSPACES – Find WorkSpaces with no Active Directory user attached.

COST HISTORY – Review the previous 12 months WorkSpaces spend in one screen. 


For Admins

EASY SEARCH – Find a WorkSpace quickly (including part searches) by user nameWorkSpace ID, OS, e-mail address, client IP address, WorkSpace IP address, directory, bundle, tags & more.

GREATER SECURITY WITH WSM GRANULAR ROLES – No need to grant admins access to the AWS Console to manage and create WorkSpaces. Over 15 different roles can be defined through WSM, including limiting an administrator to a specific region, directory or tag (e.g. department). 

QUICK CONTROL – Quickly find your user through ‘Easy Search and troubleshoot via WSM using RDP or your preferred shadowing software.

AUTO-DELETE – Create rules for the deletion of a WorkSpace. This could be for unused WorkSpaces after a defined number of days, or a fixed time period for users such as contractors.

COPY USER – Quickly copy a user in the organisation. Provide the new user the same WorkSpace image, applications and performance as their colleague.

RAPID DEPLOY- Create 1000s of WorkSpaces in one go via the bulk import function.

MULTI-DOMAIN – Multi-domain and multi-forest aware, allowing administrators to control their entire estate via WSM.

MULTI-ACCOUNT – The ability to manage WorkSpaces across multiple AWS accounts. 

Available in the AWS Marketplace

Purchase via the AWS Marketplace or if you would like a 30 day free trial, please contact us for a license key.

+44 203 900 0870 


Pay As You Go 


Subscribe through the AWS Marketplace, billed monthly, can be cancelled at any time.




Per WorkSpace, Per Month


Enterprise BYOL


Subscription BYOL License,
1 or 3 Years Upfront Commitment, Billed Annually.  




Per WorkSpace, Per Month




Subscribe through the AWS Marketplace, billed monthly, can be cancelled at any time.




Per WorkSpace, Per Month