WorkSpaces Manager

WorkSpaces Manager v3.9

WorkSpaces Manager for Amazon WorkSpaces, supercharges and simplifies a company’s investment in the Amazon WorkSpaces Platform. Created by Nuvens Consulting, a leading Amazon End User Computing partner to compliment and automate the WorkSpaces Platform. 

WorkSpaces Manager removes the need for an admin to have any prior knowledge of using the AWS portal. Our simple to navigate, secure, internal console provides a one stop interface containing all the tools necessary to effectively manage your WorkSpaces fleet.



Advanced Easy Search Functionality

Find a WorkSpace quickly by user name, computer name, OS, e-mail address, IP address, directory, bundle, tags & more


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Cost Optimisation of WorkSpaces Fleet

Automatically identify unused WorkSpaces for a defined time period and convert these to Pay As You Go

Identify orphaned WorkSpaces that are in existence but not tied to an AD user

Intelligent cost optimisation based on previous month’s usage

Quickly identify under or over utilised WorkSpaces based on historic CPU and Memory usage and adjust WorkSpaces type, to right-size the users actual needs. 


WorkSpaces at Scale

Import users in bulk via Excel to deploy WorkSpaces quickly and at scale

Full workflow of WorkSpaces creation from integrating with AD to customisable welcome email to users *

Automatic clean up of Computer Objects once a WorkSpace is deleted

Integrate with SCCM, Liquidware FlexApp, Numecent for user self-service of applications *

*Requires customisation assistance from the Nuvens team.

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Monitoring and Maintenance

Review CPU, memory and storage utilisation real-time and historic reporting.

Discover where users are logging on from, what time, when their session ends, idle time and by what device

Schedule WorkSpaces reboots, report on WorkSpaces reboot history.

Automatic WorkSpaces password reminders with the ability for users to change their password via the self service portal.

Remotely take control of a users WorkSpace via the console via RDP or your shadowing software**

**May require additional licensing and customisation from the Nuvens team.

Available in the AWS Marketplace

Purchase via the AWS Marketplace or if you would like a 30 day free trial, please contact us for a license key.

+44 203 900 0870 


Pay As You Go 


Subscribe through the AWS Marketplace, billed monthly, can be cancelled at any time.




Per WorkSpace, Per Month


Enterprise BYOL


Subscription BYOL License,
1 or 3 Years Upfront Commitment, Billed Annually.  




Per WorkSpace, Per Month




Subscribe through the AWS Marketplace, billed monthly, can be cancelled at any time.




Per WorkSpace, Per Month